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Essential MIDI effects preset pack for Ableton Live by Fortuna

Made by Ableton Certified Trainer “Fortuna”, Essential MIDI FX is an Ableton Live preset pack that helps you quickly create new ideas and add excitement to them.

Use the included 30 Device presets to make dynamic chord progressions and add creative expressions to your MIDI notes/patterns!

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Create Chord Progressions, Now

Playing chord progressions has never been easier in Ableton Live.
Watch the video to see how you can quickly create and manipulate chords using our Chord Devices.

Special Features

The difference between playing chords on a guitar and a keyboard

Play It Like A Guitar,
Play It Like A Keyboard

A C Maj chord on the guitar does not sound the same as a C Maj chord on the piano. To ensure your chords sound authentic, we created separate Devices that accurately model the voicings of these instruments.
Sheet music showing different music notes and key signatures

Always Stay In Key

Each preset comes with Major, Minor and Minor Harmonic versions to give you access to all the important chords in every key. Use the “Key” and “Transpose” macros to shift between keys at any time.
An Ableton Live Device preset showing the various macros used to manipulate chords

Spice Up Your Chords

Use the unique macros in each preset to add extra flavour to your chords. Depending on the Device used you can invert chords, add extra voicings, switch to power chords, and more.

Maximum Expression

Use Expression Devices to bring life to your tracks in Ableton Live.
Watch the video to see all the creative ways you can animate your MIDI notes and patterns.

Special Features

Strumming an electric guitar

Strum Your Chords
(Like A Guitar)

“Sounding like a guitar” is no longer a thing of the future. Add this Device to any guitar sound and adjust the parameters to get the realistic strumming action as if you were playing an actual guitar.
A MIDI Chord turning into arpeggiated MIDI notes

Arps With A Flair

Take arpeggiating to new heights with these Devices. On top of the 11 different patterns and plethora of expressive macros, you have the unique ability to sustain arpeggios and sound like a guitar.
M4L, Max for Live and MIDI Expression Device presets in Ableton Live

Not Your Average
Expression Tools

Breath new life into your MIDI tracks using presets such as “Note Flam”, “Octaver” and “Chord Repeater”. Use MIDI tools to get deeper control on Sustain, Pitchbend, and ModWheel.

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Always Better Together

Combine both elements to add another layer of inspiration in Ableton Live.
Watch the video to see our Combo Racks in action and the various ways you can create your own combinations.

Special Features

Combo Rack Device presets inside the Ableton Live Browser

Combo Racks For
Instant Inspiration

We carefully combined features from our Chord and Expression Devices to create unique, all-in-one presets called “Combo Racks”. Use these tools to get inspired right away!
Turning a knob on the Komplete Kontrol M32 MIDI Controller

Optimized for Real-Time Performance

“Combo Rack” presets are optimized for live performance on Ableton Push or any MIDI controller that supports Ableton Live’s device macro layout. Access all the essential controls within arms reach.
Combining Chord and Expression Device presets to create a MIDI effects chain in Ableton Live

Mix & Match,
Make It Your Own

Create your ultimate MIDI FX chain by combining any Chord with any Expression Device. Try using them in unconventional ways for the most interesting results!


Chord Device presets in Ableton Live with custom macros

6 Chord Devices
Ableton Live Presets (.adg)

Expression Device presets in Ableton Live with custom macros

9 Expression Devices
Ableton Live Presets (.adg)

Combo Rack Device presets in Ableton Live with custom macros

15 Combo Rack Presets
Ableton Live Presets (.adg)


A Guitar For Everyone
(Bonus Instrument)

No guitar? No problem. We wanted to make it quick and easy for you to get a realistic guitar sound so we included two custom-made Guitar Devices that sample the neck and bridge of a GrassRoots G-NS-70.

The Only Amp You’ll Need
(Bonus Amp Effect)

Whether you play guitar or not, dialing in the sound you want with this versatile Guitar Amp Device is super easy with the intuitive macros. You can even use this on other instruments for cool, unexpected results!

Ableton Live 11 Snapshots

We’ve taken advantage of the new Ableton Live 11 features and created useful snapshots on certain presets for additional functionality.
Fortuna Profile Image

Created By


Ableton Certified Trainer

Fortuna Profile Image

Gabriel “Fortuna” Soto is an Ableton Certified Trainer, producer and singer-songwriter based in Canada. His production styles range from electronic to pop/rock.

"I spent the past few years working on this pack with the end goal of simplifying the songwriting process. I’m happy to finally share these workflow tools that are easy and fun to use right out the box. There is something in there for everyone!"

View Fortuna's profile here

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Chord Devices
(limited functionality)


Expression Devices


Combo Rack Presets







Chord Devices


Expression Devices


Combo Rack Presets


Guitar Instruments


Guitar Amp Devices



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Devices in this pack are designed to be compatible with Ableton Live 10 & 11 Suite.

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