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K-Notes Kollection Vol. 1: Q&A with K-Notes


Q: What was the inspiration behind this pack?

K-Notes: So the idea of a sample pack is something I'd actually kind of put off for a while.. However when Promu approached me with this idea I jumped at the thought, just for the simple fact that I knew everything would be handled with a high level of quality and professionalism. The inspiration behind the sounds of this pack are generally R&B chords infused with some electric guitars to give it a very mellow, spaced out, but vibey kind of ideas ready to be used in any R&B/pop songs.

Q: What makes your sound unique from other sample packs out there?

K-Notes: This pack is an amalgamation of what I've learned over the years in the music industry, from different production techniques and effects to using different instruments that I've been fortunate enough to learn over the years. I really just tried to put together a bunch of vibes that I thought people would be able to be inspired from, and write some dope music to.  The pack is intended for producers, so I hope I can inspire some dope music for the ages.

Q: What was your favourite part when putting this pack together?

K-Notes: My favourite part of putting it all together was just really being able to try new techniques and experiment with new sounds.  There were definitely plug-ins and techniques that I would try to use in different ways for this pack, and I think it turned out pretty dope.

Q: What are your top 3 favourite plugins or gear and how do you use them?

K-Notes: My top 3 plugins are currently Omnisphere (go-to beast of a plugin for synths/bass/pads/any instrument sound you're looking for), Guitar Rig 5 (great for experimenting with tones for not only guitars but any sound in your production, can really give some edge/colour to your tracks) and finally Kazrog True Iron (which models a few different transformers, i enjoy tossing this on different sounds to saturate it a bit and bring out some colour to them without changing the levels too much).

Q: What's your definition of being a great producer?

K-Notes: My definition of a great producer is someone who has a vision for the record, and can basically coach an artist to that perfect performance. Beat-making is super dope and a ton of fun, but being able to turn that into a commercially viable product with vocals and harmonies and structure that people will enjoy is just such a great feeling. Nothing better than sitting back and listening to a record you've done with someone and feeling that sense of "wow I can't believe I made that".

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Producer • Multi-instrumentalist


Justine Skye, Jim Jones, Wiley

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