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Experimental Trap: Q&A with Wundr.


Q: What was the inspiration behind this pack?

Wundr.: I was inspired to make a pack that has unique, hard hitting sounds recorded with everyday home objects like staplers, toasters, rubber bands, etc. that can be used in genres including trap, EDM, hip hop, pop, and anything else you can fit it to.

Q: What makes your sound unique from other sample packs out there?

Wundr.: What makes my pack unique from other packs out there is that most sounds on the pack are organic sounds that I recorded from objects around my house. I also applied many effects to give an overall metallic sound to the pack.

Q: What was your favourite part when putting this pack together?

Wundr.: One thing I did that was an unconventional technique was recording a bunch of different sounds together, then placing them in a pattern, reversing them, placing effects on them and pitching them with weird pitches and semitones.

Q: What are your top 3 favourite plugins or gear and how do you use them?

Wundr.: My three favorite plugins I used to make this pack were Little Alter Boy, Rc-20 Retro Color, and Vocal Synth 2. I used Little Alter boy to reach interesting new broken pitches for many of the sounds. With Rc-20, I modulate pitch and add distortion. Lastly with Vocal Synth 2, I use all the after effects you usually add to vocals. I found that using the after effects like Distortion, Filter, Transformation, Shred, Chorus, Delay and Ring Mod on this plugin specifically added some crazy textures to my samples.

Q: What's your definition of being a great producer?

Wundr.: Being a great producer means not being afraid to experiment with all genre's. When you tap into other genre's that you usually don't make, you can find that they all have their own elements that can inspire you in a completely different view for your own work. The more you branch out into other directions, the more opportunities come to you, the better you become as a producer.

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